SS Doors

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SS Doors

Radiation Safety Doors

Amensco designs and manufactures superior quality radiation safety doors in a variety of styles. Our lead lined doors meet all required specifications for radiation and X-ray shielding. Our line of radiation safety doors includes: X-ray room doors / Cath lab / Operating rooms were C arms are used.

  • MOC : 1.0mm SS304G Hairline finish (Leaf)
  • 1.2mm SS304G Satin finish (Frame)

Construction : The leaf as well as frame will be lined with 1+1mm LEAD sheet of prime quality. The thickness of the leaf will be 45mm having internal SS reinforcement insulated with high-quality PUF and double insulated LEAD impregnated vision panels with optional integrated blinds.

  • Standard Accessories : Door closer, Handles & Drop seal
  • Options : SingleĀ  Leaf, DoubleĀ  Leaf, Double Unequal Leaf
Model Description Dimension L x H
(Clear opening) inches
SLD 100PL Lead Lined Single Leaf Door with Frame 35.75 x 82.75 (31.25) Yes Yes Yes Yes
DLD UEq 100PL Lead Lined Double Unequal Leaf Door with Frame 64.75 x 82.75 (60.25) Yes Yes Yes Yes
DLD Eq 100PL Lead Lined Double Equal Leaf Door with Frame 64.75 x 82.75 (60.25) Yes Yes Yes Yes

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